Rev War/ Colonial Era trip – Day 1 Morning

Hi ya’ll, so i am writing this first post from home as I am checking over all my baggage that i am taking (2 bags). So I guess I should talk a little bit about what this trip is for those that do not know.

So the Revolutionary War / Colonial Era theme is this years theme for a trip that one of my Professors at Eureka College hosts every year. He voluntarily takes students on what he calls travel seminar trips that are very hands on learning about this nations history. essentially what we will be doing is going down? across? the East Coast of the United States learning about the colonies and their history as a part of the war that forged this nation into creation. and the best part is that he does this all at a really amazing cost. (for broke college students and in my case college graduates). ;), anyway, I need to finish gettin ready since we have an early departure time this morning. and I still need to drive to Eureka. Oh and a thank you to my girlfriend Ashley for helping me get packed even while she was packing and moving herself and graduating from College. CONGRATS HUN!

Its 6:50 here by the way its way too early to even be conscious. lol.


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  1. Well at least you made it! And enjoy the trip! I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

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