Day 14: Jamestown, Yorktown, and D.C.






So I have a lot of pictures that I will either post later or just make a slideshow out of em, anyway, I  first have to say I can’t wait to see everyone soon! So where to start….Jamestown probably.
Alright we stayed in historic Williamsburg, and from there we began the day with breakfast. But not just any breakfast…oh no…a real southern breakfast! I had grits and biscuits and um a western omlette. Okay  so Jamestown was cool not what I expected but still cool. Lots of artifacts and they actually just added an exhibit on discoveries of cannibalism which was fascinating, disgusting but still fascinating. Okay after Jamestown we stopped in at a glass blowing houre to watch how glass is hand blown and crafted. And the we went to Yorktown for a brief
Tour of the battlefield well actually since Yorktown was a siege it would be more appropriate to say siege lines. Finally we arrived in D.C. in the afternoon. We did a night walk and saw quite a few of the most famous monuments including Lincoln’s memorial Washington monument and almost all of the war memorials. We also ate at this fantastic microbrewery. It was called capitol brewery I believe. Great day.


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